Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Before I lay me down to sleep

Did you ever kneel at your bedside as a child and say that prayer?  I don't know why, but tonight I remembered doing that when I was little.  Some nights I would get lazy and say God Bless everyone I know, and other nights I would go on and on naming everyone and their pets.  LoL  Mom or Dad would wait patiently while I dragged out the prayer.  .... Just a memory I had.

I was back on the trampoline today for the first time since the heart catheter.  My leg muscles were tight.  It felt good though and I managed to get an hour and a half in.  I really need to start working on my upper body and arms.  I want a miracle exercise I can do. 

I was reading my hospital release papers today to try and find out how long this dressing has to be over the puncture site from the catheter?  I didn't find out that, but I did read I was supposed to call and make a follow up appointment with the Cardiologist.  Oops.  I called today and the nurse was supposed to call me back, Nope.  I'll call them again tomorrow.

My Weight Watchers group is getting ready to do a 5k walk the end of May.  I am working myself back up for it, then in the first of June the Hospital is having a 5k walk/run that I want to do.  It really will all depend on the course.  If there are any hills I will be out.  I am a flat lander these days.

This will be the first entire week I have kept BodyBugg records since 2 weeks ago.  When I started having heart issues, I quit keeping track.  So, instead of boring you every day with charts, I will just post at the end of each week.  Or maybe on the day I go to weigh ins.  I seem to be keeping on track.  I even drank water today, which for me is like drinking lighter fluid... I just am not a water person.  I found flavored zero calorie water, but I really wonder how good that is for a person? 

I went through my closet yesterday and took out all my winter things.  I had Bill bring the tubs up that I store them in, and then I went through everything and figured out what is WAY too big and can be given away, and what will be good next winter.  Then as I brought out my Spring and Summer things I did the same.  Bottom line is... Goodwill will love me, but I will have to get a few things as the seasons change. 

Oh... Like the new overhaul?  I get bored easily with things and want to change everything.  I move my furniture around at home so much it's kind of ridiculous.  LoL  Bill has gotten used to this over the years.  I also about every 5 years want to repaint and change colors in my house.  It's a good thing furniture is reasonable and paint is fairly cheap.
Anyway... It feels like a good change to the blog, hope you like it.

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