Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Monday, January 31, 2011

I met the boogey man... he calls me to snack after bedtime.

I exceeded my goals yesterday the largest yet.
I stepped further....

Exercised longer and harder ...

Feeling so good about being so far ahead of my goals....

Then bedtime came and so did the snacks! 
I killed my forward progress.  Ughh  Late night eating is doing me in. 

I am still feeling like poop.  My cold turned into a sinus infection.  I have been on the new anti-biotics for 3 days and the mucus is clear now.  But, there is just as much of it and it is the thickest stuff I have ever seen.  It gets in the back of my throat and coats it, then slides down into my lungs and I can't cough it up. 

We have air quality warnings for every day this week until Saturday.  I really have to watch these.  Last week I was wandering around down at the park with Layla feeding the ducks and that night it felt like a huge amount of pressure was sitting on my chest making me work hard for a good breath.

I am getting a little cabin fever-ish.  It happens every February.  This month now I can't get outside and enjoy some of our warm sunny weather, so I think I will get back out my cookbook stuff and start filling up those empty pages. 
I am adding a section to the back for "lesser calorie" foods.  I figure everyone can use them from time to time, and I am hoping with some tweaking of the recipes I can make them taste like they aren't diet.
I'll be posting the recipes here after I try them out on Bill. 

I have weigh in tomorrow morning at Weight Watchers.  I'll be sure to get on here and post my results.  It could have been such a good week, if it weren't for those late night disasters.

I know even with a pound gained here or there that I am losing weight.  My clothes fit differently, my face is looking thinner, even my jewelry is either fitting better or falling off my fingers.

It is fast approaching my one year mark for this blog.  I want to go back and do some reading and see where I have been.  It seems like I have had this for a lifetime.  So many things last year. 

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