Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Monday, January 17, 2011

Staying on track

This was day 6 in a row of exercising an hour a day.

My food consumption.  I fried chicken breasts on top of the stove with olive oil, hence the fat grams.  I was happy this week with my sodium intake though.

Brittney bought a treadmill with all the bells and whistles.  I went over today and walked for 20 minutes, thinking it would be a good cardio.  It didn't even register on my chart.  So, I came home and got my hour in in 3 increments on the mini trampoline.

I will once more be very curious at tomorrow's weigh in.  Since I have exercised an hour every day since last Tuesday, I am wondering how big of effect it will have.  One hour on the bicycle didn't do the cardio that this little trampoline seems to.  

I feel better.  It's odd, I seem to have more stamina for projects.  But I have just been exhausted this week.  I could sleep until 9 or 10.  I never have done that before.  I always have been up with the sunrise.  Of course I am wondering how much of me getting up early was to do the coffee and cigarette thing?  I am finding a few areas in life that I question .... did I enjoy this only because I could smoke while doing it?  I can't think of them now of course, but I remember thinking to myself... I don't enjoy this like I used to, or what was so special about this?  The common denominator seems to be smoking.  I am so glad I don't have that habit hanging over me anymore.

I realized that I haven't had but 1 cold/flu since I quit smoking.  And, with the doctors quick response with antibiotics and steroids that didn't last long.  I am really careful now at grocery stores to use their disinfectant wipes or wash my hands all the time so I won't get germs.  When I am at the doctors office I sit as far away from anyone else as I can.  I am just more aware of germs and where they are concentrated. 
Layla has been more healthy too.  I told Britt that because of the danger if I get sick, if Layla has something we can't be around her.  I think just once has she had to stay home for a week or so. 
Maybe we all are getting more conscience of it.

It's funny, but along with this disease I am getting healthier and more fit than when I didn't know I had it.  I find it difficult not to do the "I wish I would have" game. 
You know the one... I wish I would have quit smoking years ago, or better yet... never started.  I wish I would have taken better care of my body when I was younger.  I wish, I wish, I wish. 
I can't go back and change things, but I can be kinder to myself now. 

People who have copd need to have a healthy diet.  They need to drink lots of water to remain hydrated, and flush toxins out of our bodies.  We need to avoid salt.  It is a lung killer.  We need to eat colorful food.  Deep green and red veggies and fruit.  Really anything of color is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that we need.
All things pale and white usually are more harmful to us. 

Before I was diagnosed we ate mostly red meat and starchy veggies and butter and gravy.  No wonder my weight sky rocketed huh?  lol
I salted everything, craved salty chips and crackers.  Ate tons of dense cheese.  I love cheese, all kinds, but it really is not the best for me.

Now we eat only Chicken and Turkey and some pork.  I am not a big sea food eater so once in a while I will cook fish just for Bill.  I drink skim milk.  I never in my life would have thought I would do that!  I don't salt my food or use very little salt in cooking.  I eat veggies all day and lots with my dinner. 
I gave up bread.  Once maybe a month I will use bread to have a sandwich.  Mostly I will use corn tortilla's.  Just more healthy.  I am doing my best to stay away from white flour.  Even our pasta now is wheat or whole grain.
I am cooking couscous and orzo instead of rice.  It has less starch.

I would like to say it makes my skin glow and my hair healthy.  But that isn't the case.  My digestive system is so out of whack.  I am taking laxatives every day with little success.  I know these things I have done for me are healthy.  I just have also added so many medications that I need to work out a balance.  With time I suppose.

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