Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomorrow another Weigh in

Tomorrow again is weigh in.  It seems I live my life these days focused on Tuesday mornings and getting on the scale.  It will be another week I am unsure about.  I have been diligent at exercise, but have eaten poorly late at night. 

I have had chest pain and problems sleeping, so I get bored and turn on the T.V. then want to eat something salty... which is usually loaded with calories.  I have tried throughout this "eating healthy" period I am in to let Bill keep whatever food he wants in the house.  A few things like chocolate I ask him to hide from me.  But ... chips, cheese, hot dogs... junk food is all around me.  I just decided months ago I wasn't going to partake any more. 
Looks like I am doing just that though. 

I need to quit playing around and now that the holidays are over... I need to get serious and get back on the right track.  I can't even remember the last full day I drank water.  That's bad when you're trying to flush bad things from your system!

I bought one of those mini trampolines today.  It is a work out.  I thought they were kind of a joke...but I was breathless in less than 5 minutes!  It will be a GREAT cardio for me.  I can use it 5 or 10 minutes a time and burn those calories. 

Britt came over and measured me again today.  It had been over a month.  I lost (averaged) nearly 3 inches in 6 weeks.  That's not so bad.  I still have so far to go, but this is a good beginning, and seeing small goals met makes me want to keep going.
I knew I was losing inches because even my bra's are fitting differently.  I really don't want to buy clothes until Spring.  I figure until then I can roll the waistbands over on my jeans and wear big baggy sweaters and no one will really notice.  Once the weather warms up and the coats come off, then I'll get new clothes.  I am down 2 pants sizes now... buy then who knows??

I am thinking if I were to hear anything about my stress test it will be this week.  Possibly next week.  I know it takes everyone some time after the holidays to get back in the swing of things.  If I don't hear I have a Dr. appointment later in the month and I will hear then.  The way I look at it, if I don't hear... then it's good news and no need to rush into another treatment or medication. 

Who knows maybe 2011 really will be a better year for me.  It's so early to assume that.  I feel like I may jinx myself. 


Anonymous said...

Kellie, I have learned just recently that our thoughts DO influence the outcome...it must be so hard for you to live with someone who has your "temptation" foods in the house...I am now grateful (instead of sad) that I live alone...tonight I would be eating all the salty/fatty foods that were in the house, but there aren't any becuase I live alone and don't buy them :)...so, I'm really starting to count my blessings..do you know about affirmations? You put everything in the present tense: "I AM getting healthier"..."I AM losing weight", etc...it makes all the difference...yeah, listen to me "advising" you...but when I DO this, it works! NO FEAR ♥ Savannah

Kellie said...


There are just certain moments that I give in. I can't remember when or where I heard it...maybe it was during the holidays. Someone said to not deprive myself of things I love, to have a few bites or pieces, but know when to stop and not over do it. That is my problem most times.

I am getting better in taking just a bite of something. I LOVE Peppermint Patties and so I'll buy some and cut them into 4 pieces and put them in the refrigerator. Each piece is 35 calories. I try to just eat 2 pieces a night, and even if I eat the whole thing I can still feel pretty good about it.

I try to do the affirmations. But honestly I have some days where finding anything positive is a chore.