Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Friday, August 27, 2010

A journey to transplant

So much to absorb in one day!

I don't even know where to start, and if I jump around sorry. I am bouncing between thinking clearly and having Oh My God moments.

First on the list before I even go to Seattle to talk with a doctor I have to work on my weight. I have known this for a long time and had been on weight watchers even a few times in the year since I quit smoking. Hey, I was overweight before I quit, but after I quit and especially after my diagnoses of emphysema I kind of gave up and was in the "put your head in the sand and life will be O.K." state of mind.

Well, my head is above ground now. I am very focused on what needs to be done. That makes things easier. Like when I quit smoking which I thought could not be done, this is a challenge like that.

Which only tells me that I am not able or willing to make hard choices without being back into a corner.

I have no idea about BMI (body mass index) I am sure every healthy person knows all about this. But one who eats butter and red meat rarely knows these things. LoL I do however know that I need mine BELOW 30. I don't know how much that is in pounds? But I am sure I will find out.
Britt tells me they have scales that not only takes your weight but after you program it, it can tell you your BMI. Now if those scales came with a personal trainer and a chef who could prepare wonderful meals with zero calories life would be good!

I am kidding about the chef and trainer, but I am going to be purchasing one of those scales. I DO know this is serious. And, I am sure not only a lot of muscle needs to be built up, but also a lot of fat needs to be removed..... in a pretty short period of time.

So, I started last night. I didn't eat yesterday because of nerves so last night after I calmed down a little around 11:00 I ate fresh tomatoes out of my garden and fresh cucumbers that came from my awesome neighbors across the street, and water. That was dinner. And, I am O.K. with that.

I need to hit the ground running with this weight loss. So, for the first 4 days, lots of water to flush out my body, and mainly protein and veggies. By protein I mean a hard boiled egg. No meats for a week. I need to let my body know this is war.

So now I am documenting my journey to transplant.

Yesterday 8/26 Coffee with non dairy creamer x3 Cherry tomatoes and 3 cucumbers. Water

I figure if I document all my food every day.... I can watch my success and failure. I will be starting weight watchers Tuesday again. This time Brittney is doing it with me. I just need to watch myself. I have set strict guidelines for me to follow. I will add in meat in 4 days, small portions of chicken, lean pork and some fish. I am not a fish fan. LoL
I have a long way to go in a short period of time, but need to also be healthy. I do believe that if I show up in Seattle and they can see I have lost a decent amount of weight since being told about the transplant they will be O.K. with me continuing.

I was put on high blood pressure meds and my pulmonologist suggested that until I can get my pulse and blood pressure stabilized to not worry about exercising. After I can get it down and have it stay there then I can start walking again. Yes, that will be into the cold weather and winter, but I will walk, I will find places to walk.

This is what I know from research. Just because you are suggested for a transplant does not mean I will get one. The need to get my files and go over them, see if any further testing is needed or old tests re-done, have me in for an interview, and then a board of 7 or 8 members will decide my fate. I have age on my side. So, it's a dice roll.

Then once accepted I am placed on a waiting list. I am not sure how that works, as far as how they decide who goes first? I would hope it's by need first then time on the list. But bureaucracy never made any sense to me. I know it can and does take years for some to get an organ. So once I get my body ready, it's a waiting game.

Then there is the issue of location. Once placed on the list I need to be available. That means within an hour of the transplant unit. Which means for us either re-locating permanently or renting out our house and finding something up there. One thing is easy. Our house is paid off. So we would be able to drop the price and not kill ourselves. Finding renters is easy. That was my occupation for years.

I know this is all going to take time. I probably have no idea of what is to come. I know there have been huge surprises this last year in my life. I can only imagine it will continue from here.

I will be back later tonight to document my food intake today.

Be back later with today's yummy menu! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kellie, haven't been on your blog for awhile...catching up on your posts...I know you love to cook, so do I and I LOVE "Eating Well" magazine (and their website)...this month's issue has a bunch of wonderful casseroles that they've "converted" from using mushroom soup, etc., into healthier versions of old classics...my mouth watered just looking at the recipes! Just a suggestion, best of luck to you in this phase of your journey, Savannah

Giulia said...

Sweet Kellie - yours is a journey I wouldn't wish on anyone. But if I had to take such a journey I sure would want you by my side. This is a primer on how to hold you head up despite feeling the weight of the world.

Anonymous said...

Kellie, I'm not really sure how to comment on your blog .. I just found it the other night, saved it to my desktop and then I woke up at 2 am and spent the next two hours reading and trying to absorb it.. My heart breaks for you and I hate what has happened to you, and I know that it could be me. I agree with Giulia's comment to you. You are in my prayers... (((hugz)))) Deb

Kellie said...

<3 Thank you Giulia my darling friend. Your support and clear thinking has meant so much to me. I would gladly be by your side. But knock on wood or something. Let's not temp the gods.


Your comment came through plain as day. :)
Thank you for your kind words. I have to take responsibility for this one. It was me who smoked every lung damaging cigarette and kept telling myself that all that bad stuff wouldn't happen to me.
I am scared out of my wits right now. But, I'll get through this.

It's nice to meet you.