Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, Friday the 13th came and went with no news. I had my Doctors appointment and thought I would get some news or results from the echo-cardiogram I had. Nope. She said she needed to have someone else look at the results. Anyway... that was a little bit of frustration. Then she went over when I came into the walk in clinic for my headache. Yes, I still have it. No, I am not taking the meds because they make me like Gumby.

She suggested I take the meds for a week. One week everyday to see if they can't get rid of the tension that is causeing the headaches and maybe make my blood pressure and pulse rate even out.
I think she is grasping at straws to figure out my heart issue. She said she is not sure if it's my lungs causing the heart problems, or an actual heart issue. To me either way is a heart issue.
I guess that's why I am not a doctor! LOL

I now hit an all time low (for me at least) blood pressure. It was 89/70. I have been taking my blood pressure and pulse rate everyday at different times, and when I am active and when I am sedentary. So I had a good record of 3 weeks worth of blood pressures.

Now that will be a all the time practice of mine. It shows them a good record of whats going on with me.

Oh... I did have some good news. My bone scan came back good. :) LoL My doctor was so happy she could give me something good.


MO said...

Hi Kellie. As you know from having read my post, I also had the echo done. Mine ended up being fine and I really do believe it's the COPD. When I was first diagnosed, my pulmo told me that with the overinflation of the lungs, it pushes all else. I've found relief in exercising every day. That seemed to take away a lot of the pain I was feeling that area. Although, I hate to admit, I have slacked in that area and have to start exercising again, grr. Funny how quickly we can slip out of the good for you routines isn't it?

Hope all comes out fine for you.


Kellie said...

Thanks for your comment Mo. I do follow your blog as well. I know that weight is or will start to become an issue if I don't start watching it. I am in the midst of a quandry right now as to what is making my pulse be so high. My resting pulse rate right now is 108 and as high as 112. That is without doing anything but sitting at the computer or in a chair watching T.V.. So, I am told for the time being to take it slow and not push things.
It's frustrating.