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Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Answer from Florida's Stem Cell Center

Dear Kellie,
We appreciate your inquiry regarding Stem Cell treatments for COPD.

Attached is educational information that you should find interesting.

We are now able to treat COPD using your own adult stem cells right here in Sarasota, FL. These innovative treatments are designed to help patients be less oxygen dependent and live a more active lifestyle.

It’s important for you to contact our office soon at (941)388-2277 to schedule your free medical consultation to determine if you may benefit from stem cell therapy.

Best Regards,
Grace Hayes

Operations Manager


Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease have marked shortness of breath, lifestyle limitations since they fatigue easily, and often have difficulty walking even short distances. Frequently there are problems sleeping at night even in a semi-sitting position and a greatly increased susceptibility to Bronchitis and Pneumonia. Severe cases often require oxygen 24 hours a day and breathing is extremely difficult.

Our patent pending treatment typically consists of the following:

• Initial Physician consultation

• Physical examination

• Specific EKG, Pulmonary Function tests and vital signs

• Blood draw for Stem Cell separation

• Infusion of Autologous Stem Cells by our Registered Nurse

• Growth Factor injections

• Specialized Nebulizer treatment with supplements to enhance therapy

• Detailed follow up instructions on home administered Nebulizer treatments

• Post treatment Physician Consultation

• Prescriptions for Post Treatment Therapy

• Suggested list of supplements to enhance Stem Cells

• Diet to enhance Stem Cells

• Registered Nurse follow up the day after treatment and one week post treatment

• Supplies and samples provided to last until medication arrives by mail

• Laboratory request written for future tests per Physician’s instructions

Treatment is usually performed over a three day period. Variations in protocol may occur depending on individual patient needs. Please notify us if you have any special requirements. Our Treatment Coordinator will do whatever is possible to assist and accommodate your requests.

Burton Feinerman, MD


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