Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new low

I went yesterday afternoon and had a kid (lol, the older I get the younger dr.s tend to look) give me an "event monitor".  He went through how it works, how to record a specific event, how to put the patches on and where to put them and when to bring it back for new batteries. 

After he was done I asked if I got anything in writing?  No, he says.  I just laughed and said O.K. then.  I think he thought I was joking.  Little does he know that I picked up about every 3rd word.  I don't know what it is with me and instructions or basically anything that I need to remember.  I simply can't anymore.  It's like that part of my brain has gotten re-wired maybe by medicine?  Maybe because of Oxygen?  Maybe just because almost everything is overwhelming to me these days?  Who knows, but honestly I couldn't tell you anything other than... I know where to put the patches each day after my shower, only because I put them next to a mole or marking.  Only 2 patches, and they need to make a diagonal line over my heart.  So one is just below my collar-bone on the right, and one is about elbow height on my left side.

Tomorrow I will call and ask them what day I am to bring it back in and have the batteries changed.  I will have it for a month.

Last night I woke up twice and the leads wear off.  I must have been caught in the cording while I slept.  I do that sometimes with my oxygen cannula... I will wake up tangled in it like a cobweb.  Tonight I will tuck all the wires under my sports bra.  Nothin gets out of there... these things are so tight.

I actually am glad to have it.  I am hoping these 4:00 a.m. things can get caught on a recording so I can finally know what is happening to me.  I can go with the diagnoses of Chostrocondritis.  It just seems crazy that a cartilage issue can feel as painful as this.  Like I said I have a really high tolerance for pain.  I have had failed back surgeries and have gone without pain meds because of the long term damage and druggy feeling I had.  So, now and for the last 5 years I have learned to deal with the pain.  Some days I do better than other days.  And, some days I will call my doctor and ask for a few pills if I am having problems with interrupted sleep.  Lack of sleep (at least for me) makes everything more dramatic, makes every throb of muscle spasm worse.  If I am rested I can deal with pain and everything much easier.
So, for this to be muscular is crazy to me.  Something that actually wakes me up out of sleep?  I have slept through several good sized earth quakes.. not much wakes me up.  I slept next to a snorer for 29 years. 

I mentioned to Bill a few months ago that I wanted to repaint the kitchen.  He painted it a few years ago (2 I think) grey and black.  He even did a back-splash around the stove out of black diamond plate for truck beds.  It looked nice.  Just didn't really fit in with the rest of the house. 

So.. He bought paint a week ago.  Yesterday he started painting.  Today I helped and we finished.  Actually I did about an hours worth of painting and then just offered assistance when I could.  Poor guy did the whole thing.  White with red doors and drawer fronts, with gray brick and touches of black with throw rugs and spice racks and counter tops.  It looks really nice.  Tomorrow is the paint scraping day... off the windows, off the counter tops, touch up paint and cleaning... then putting everything back together. 

It was a bad time for me to be counted on.  Physically I couldn't do it. 
I mentioned several times having a bowel problem.  I know the cause is all of my medications... but it got TERRIBLE yesterday.  I have been taking 2 laxatives a day all week.  Yesterday I went to the bathroom (had B-M's) 5 times.  Painful... cramping and solid.  Today, still painful, cramping and my stomach is as hard as a rock.  I have made a note to call my primary care doctor tomorrow and ask for advice. 

I went to Britt's today and while I am away from home I use a portable O2 canister in my purse.  Usually I am at a store with a shopping cart, or walking with my purse on my arm.  When I visit people... it's setting out of the way.  Well, today I went to Britt's to clean for her.  She is a single mom, going to nursing school, doing 18 credits this term (outrageous).  So, I want to help her.  I didn't even do much, she is such a clean person... her house is never "dirty".  But, she has along with that 5 year old little girl... 2 cats and a dog.  The cats love to shred their carpet cat house, or strings, so I vacuumed, did some dishes and dusted her living room for her.  That way she could just come home and not worry about her house.  Layla was fed and busy playing, so she could just concentrate on her homework. 

I didn't feel well.  My belly/bowel problem and just a bad breathing day.  I have been more short of breath in the last 2 days than ever before.  I don't like thinking about this becoming my new reality.  It just can't be this bad yet.  I have too far to go before I can get any relief. 

I haven't exercised for days... I haven't exactly been watching my intake of food, but haven't went overboard.  I need to start eating my veggies more.  I know that will help ease my bowel issue.  I quit taking the pain meds, even at night because I felt dopey and I know they were part of the culprits that made my stomach so painful and hard. 

I try to find a positive every day.  Health wise the last week I haven't found anything good.  I have a painted kitchen, and a family I wouldn't trade for anything.  There it is.  :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you may want to get a twitter button to your site. Just bookmarked the article, although I had to complete this by hand. Simply my 2 cents.

Kellie said...

And, I appreciate your 2 cents. I would gladly get a twitter button if I knew how to do such a thing. I am not on twitter.

If someone was so kind as to walk me through the steps, I would have a twitter button A.S.A.P.

Thanks for stoppping by.

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