Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am checking in.  Lungs are still giving me issues.  Bill and I were shopping for a new T.V. (more on that later. lol) and I actually ran out of air, even with my O2 on.  Bill kept walking not realizing I had a problem and was surprised to see me not behind him.  It took me about 30 seconds to get a deep enough breath to keep me from having an anxiety attack to go along with it.  I really work on relaxing when that happens.  I have learned from experience that when I am anxious breathing is harder.  It was odd anyway and I felt it was note-worthy.  I was alright after I could get a few good breaths into me, but for those 30 seconds I kept thinking... OMG I am going to be on the floor of this store having Bill give me CPR.  LOL  I was more worried about being embarrassed than anything else.  Stupid me!

So, 2 Christmas's ago Bill and I bought ourselves a 42" T.V..  We figured we watched enough of it, that would make a good present for the 2 of us.  About 2 weeks ago we were watching a movie and the T.V. just went blank.  We sat there for a few minutes thinking the dog must have hit the remote or something.  Then went to check our other T.V.'s and they were fine.  So, we took it in to the local T.V. repair shop.  Of course we had a ONE YEAR warranty on it, so that wouldn't help us.  After about 9 days the repair shop called and said some "board" had a power surge and it blew the entire thing.  Not to worry though... They could get a new "something" board and fix it for about 400.00.  LOL  We only paid 500 for the thing new.  So forget it! 
So yesterday we went T.V. shopping.  We ended up finding a sale on them, and of course the sale ended yesterday.  We weren't planning on actually buying one for a couple weeks until we finished some projects in the living room... shampooing carpets (needing to move everything out), and Bill is redoing our brick fireplace, which means lots of brick dust.
We ended up asking them to hold it for us.  We bought a 50" one this time (holly cow... like anyone needs a T.V. that big!) and can leave it there until we are ready to go pick it up. 

I finally finished my cookbook.  I think by the time I was done it was 82 pages.  I tried to put the link here ... but can't.  So, anyone who is interested send me your email address and I can send you to the site.  My email address is... usedtobewagg@charter.net
I ordered just one book first.  I want to make sure it's what I think it is before I order more for the family.  I will be getting one for Brittney and each of my brothers.  I think if the rest of the family wants one, they can get in touch with me and order their own.  The best part about this site is, you can design your own cover, and then pick only the pages you want.  Of course the fewer the pages the less $$ it is. 
My book will hold 100 pages (so I have 18 pages of credit I can make anytime and they will send them to me, I only would pay shipping then) and for the book plus 100 pages was 34.00.  I didn't think that was so bad, especially since I added my own family pictures and included a dedication page to my mom.  I have paid more for recipe books.

Layla spent the night last night.  We both had a terrible sleeping night.  I just had one of my nights that no matter which way I positioned myself I was uncomfortable, and she had a tummy ache.  So we both moaned for a while, slept a little then at some point I woke up and she had went into whine to Papa.  So needless to say tonight we are tired and I am ready for bed right now and it's only a little after 6:00.  LOL 

I am wondering how I did as far as Weight Watcher this last week.  I'll find out on Tuesday.  I just feel like I didn't watch my portions like I should have and definitely did not drink as much water as I needed to.  Every week I promise to do better than the previous week and I don't seem to do it.  I will have to find something to knock me back into the swing of things.

I will talk to Bill and see if he wouldn't mind walking and hour with me.  Even if I just "stroll" and make frequent stops.  I do my best when I have a schedule to keep.  And, walking always made me want to not overeat and ruin the good exercise I just had.  We'll see.

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Jools said...

"It took me about 30 seconds to get a deep! enough breath to keep me from having an anxiety attack to go along with it. I really work on relaxing when that happens. I have learned from experience that when I am anxious breathing is harder."

It has taken a long time for my copd nurses to understand that I have panic attacks because I cannot breath and NOT the other way round. It is a huge problem when no one takes you seriously and thinks you should be using cognitive thinking. Like you I had an attack when my oxygen ran out when I was driving the car. Fortunately I was only a few yards away from my own driveway and struggled on until we got there but I was a mess until my husband went and got me a fresh cylinder.

Do you think you would find cognitive thinking helpful when you were shopping that day?