Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weight Loss, Pilgrams and walnuts

Today was weigh in.  I lost another 2.4 pounds, bringing the total (this time) to 7 pounds.  Officially I am at 194.  Last year (I can't remember the month) I started out at 224+.  So, I'll take where I have come to.  I still have small goals set and high hopes to get there.  My first goal is to get to 170.  I hope to do that by the first of the year.  I am not setting an ultimate goal.  I will leave that to how I am feeling, and what I can manage.  Don't forget that having my exercise ability limited sometimes makes it hard to post good loses.

I did not walk today.  I walked yesterday with Kathie and we had a nice walk and a great visit.  I am remembering how effortless it is to be with her.  There aren't many women I feel that way about (in person).  It has been my experience that women are catty and judgmental and not nice.  Terrible isn't it.

I don't feel any of that with Kathie.  I used to feel she was wiser and more intelligent than I was.  More capable maybe??  This time around, maybe because of my illness... I just feel like me.  I am no worse, no better than anyone else.  I am just me.  People will either take me for that or walk away.  I have been so judged that anyone who is at ease with me makes me happy.

I came home from walking and made re fried beans and carni asada for dinner.  I actually had energy left.

Today I went to Weight Watchers which every Tuesday takes about 2 hours.  Then, I came home and jumped on the trampoline.  I had no energy today at all.  I honestly can't remember doing anything.  I went and picked up Layla and she was here for a few hours until Fernando came to get her.  Brittney is studying for her mid-terms and so I told her this week I would help out with the child.

Bill and Layla were back out today picking up walnuts.  We are going to have truck loads this year!  I will freeze most of them and give away a few.  We ran out last year and I had forgotten how expensive they are until you go to buy a bag of stale walnuts for $8:00.

Here is the haul so far and we have given 2 small grocery bags full to our neighbors.
Priscilla trying to will Layla to hand over the bacon and eggs.  LoL

My Pilgrim's.  They were actually moms and I wouldn't miss the chance to use them, she would like that.  

I have had a touch of the stomach flu this week.  Crazy!!!  Each one of my meds causes constipation so having diarrhea for more than a day or two is so unusual for me.  I am still taking my laxatives only because I am so afraid to get plugged up again.  That is SO miserable!  So... I am up at night often.  I know it's silly, but I won't quit taking my laxatives only because I know the alternative.

I think the time of year has come where I won't be doing much walking outside.  Yesterday when we were walking it was chilly and a brisk breeze was blowing in my face.  That makes it so hard to get air.  I will have to take my walking indoors, which means Priscilla won't be allowed.... I don't think anyway.  I will have to do some asking around to see if I can take her inside the arena.

I am hoping I can gather some energy tomorrow and maybe go to coffee with Kathie.  Maybe we can find somewhere to walk first.  It is supposed to be 17 degrees tonight, so we can count on it being breath taking cold tomorrow.  I love winter, but every year I have forgotten how hard it is to do anything.
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