Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Monday, October 17, 2011

A no energy day

I had such a great weekend.  I am afraid today I am paying the price.  I guess even in wellness "nothing is free".  Priscilla and I took off this morning and ran some errands and then came home and I put on a chicken veggie soup to cook all afternoon.  Then we drove down to the lake to walk.  We made it one lap around and some lady came with a little dog that barked and barked and would run up on Priscilla. I got tired of being drug about by Priscilla so we walked across the street and walked through Moore Park.  The only thing about that is it's all uphill.  Not steep, just enough to constantly be walking inclined.  So... I didn't last long.  We walked back across the street and got to the car and drove home.

I was glad I had made soup before we left because I had NO energy to cook dinner later.  I pretty much sat in my chair and watched Bill do chores while I watched T.V..  I think he understands.  I appreciate him picking up my slack.  I would need help if he weren't here.  There are things some days I just can't do.

It really is frustrating.  I try and take it in stride but honestly sometimes I would just like to scream.  It is so frustrating to have the will but not the stamina.
Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and feel like this will be a good day and plan all kinds of little jobs or a nice meal, or grocery shopping.... only later to find out that I can't do anything planned because I don't have the energy or my lungs hurt too bad.

I got home and brought out my trampoline thinking this afternoon I might work up the energy to jump..... I never did.... But Priscilla tried.

Tomorrow is weigh in so I will be back on to post my loss hopefully not a gain.
Until then......................


joanne said...

i am soooo grateful for your blog...not only do you write well, you touch my heart and entertain me. today you did both, and i thank you!

much love,

joanne (jo72289...in case you forgot...lol)

Kellie said...


I didn't forget you my friend. Some people are unforgetable and you are in that group.

It seems my life these days is playing games on facebook, doing some cooking and getting exercise when I can. Priscilla helps me there. She needs exercise as much as I do.

You know, I am almost always on this computer... never far away if you want to chat.

Hugs and love to you... Kellie