Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Tuesday. That means weigh in

I'll get right to it.  I lost .6 pounds.  At Weight Watchers we say... A loss is a loss no matter how small.  And, that's the truth.  That is what I have to keep remembering.
Obviously it is not what I wanted, but if I am being honest... I didn't do anything to lose weight this week.

Bill and I were busy all day Friday doing one thing or another and Layla spent the night.  Instead of cooking and fretting about what she would eat I (me) suggested Burger King.  We spent Saturday cooking and getting ready for the kids to come over for Ribs and all the fixings on Sunday... so Saturday we went to Papa Murphy's and brought home their Mediterranean pizza with spinach, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese.  Then of course Sunday I ate Ribs, Baked Beans, Pasta Salad.... and Cake.

hmmm... wonder why I didn't lose more??  Geeze.  LoL
I think it's a good thing I waked Priscilla as much as I did otherwise I would have had a big gain on my record.

I have my appointment Thursday with my Cardiologist and I will talk to him about my energy level.  I am not sure if this is something he would deal with or my Primary Care Dr. or my Pulmonologist?  I never really know whom to talk to about what.

I find it odd that my energy level is so low, yet my heart rate still rests at 100+.  My heart gets going some days so fast that taking deep breaths seems to be the only way to catch up to it, if that makes sense?

Any way.  I am hoping to get back on the right track.  I am hoping I can get back on that trampoline for an hour a day... 15 minutes times 4.  It seems like I can do it.  I may have to work into it.  I know with the winter and cold wet weather coming walking outside will be impossible.

I am just about done canning tomatoes.  With the cold weather here I have picked what I can and will keep them covered at night to try and get the rest to turn.  I struggle every year trying to get them all picked.  Our weather here just doesn't agree with much gardening.

I will try and talk myself into blogging more.  The last couple weeks have been bad for me.  Between my lack of energy, I think losing my 2 friends put me into a bit of depression.  It won't last long, I'll work through it.
My memory issue is becoming a problem.  I am forgetting medications, appointments, messages to Bill or Brittney.  It just seems to leave my head.  Even typing, I will come across a word that I should know and I can sit here for 10 minutes trying to remember what I wanted to say.  Sometimes it comes back, sometimes I need to say it in a different way so I can work around the words I can't seem to come up with.
I know it is frustrating and leaves me feeling useless and embarrassed.  When poor Bill tries to remind me there are times I just begin to cry.  It's like I can't figure out why I don't know these things.
The worse part is I will forget to put on my cannula and sometimes it will take getting a headache or dizzy to remember to put it back on.  At least 5 times a day or more, Bill tells me to go put my O2 on, or will bring me my cannula.
To me it feels like the worst of the side effects are hitting me first.  I don't mean the lung collapse or the wheezing... I mean the chest pain, the heart issues, the memory problems, the lack of energy.  It just seems to have gotten much worse the last 5 months.

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Giulia said...

Suggestion - keep that oxygen flow to your brain as much as possible. (Why are you taking the cannula off?) Put up a sticky note if you can't remember to put on your cannula. Put them all up all over the house if need be. Like I did with my quit smoking notes. And when you begin to ignore them because you've become accustomed to them - change the wording and put them up in different places. That could be a major reason you're not remembering words. Well, either that or old age, like me. Though of course you're much too young for that. Well, hell, so am I!!! But we lose words when we lose them. My husband makes up words. Always has. And because I'm able to translate I know what the..@@@... he's talking about. Well, most of the time. The rest of time we both speak different 'languages' ...so much interpretation and sign language is necessary. Food...point to fridge..there. lol Don't worry about it. Hey, take a sign language course and teach Bill. When you learn what the finger movements are for YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! - let me know. Well, I suppose we all know what that particular finger position is! HA!