Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Have News ~ :) ~ :) ~

The phone rang this afternoon and the voice on the other end told me she had heard from the transplant center.  Kellie... They are interested in your lungs.  They want to order a battery of tests which I will begin to schedule Monday morning and once the tests are received and looked at by them they will CALL ME FOR SURGERY.

Not Transplant.  They don't want to transplant me at this time due to my age. :)  Instead they think I may be a good candidate for Lung V0lume Reduction Surgery.  I will post some information after this blog for those who are interested in what it is and what they do.

As I was listening to my Pulmonologist's nurse it was like I was in a fog, dreamland.  Someone heard my prayers.  Someone could feel the fear I had about transplant.  Someone finally listened and acted correctly.

I couldn't be happier.  For quite a while tonight I wasn't sure if I was actually happy.  I didn't feel happy.  I didn't feel lighter.  I had repeated over and over to myself that I would have a transplant and I would be prepared and be fine.  Every night when I went to bed I said a prayer asking to make it to transplant and be better after.  So, hearing I wasn't to have the surgery I wasn't sure what to do or how to act??? 
Finally it hit me.  The reality of this hit me.  Yes, the University of Washington had heard of me, and yes they are interested.  Only this time I feel like I am starting with a second chance. 

People come through these surgeries and do well for years.  Maybe eventually I will need a transplant... But this girl doesn't get one yet!!  I have a second chance.  I feel like I can relax.  I almost feel that knot in my neck release for the first time in 17 months. 

I no longer have to worry about relocating to Seattle.  I will have to make some trips back and forth for follow ups.  From what I hear that makes all the difference in the world.  If nothing else comes from this it is that ..... I am a darned good patient.  I listen to instructions and follow them to a tee. 

I am hoping that if I get my breathing capacity better then these problems with my heart may go away.  These problems walking or swimming may go away.  I know this is not a cure.  I know I will still have limitations, but I should breath much better.  I shouldn't have anymore of those anxiety ridden out of breath moments anymore. 

What a nice start to a new year this would be.
I can go to bed tonight and dream the dreams of those free of stress. :) 


Anonymous said...

Kellie im so happy to hear your news,ive been following your blog for around a month-ive got bronchiectasis and possile emphysema im 45 and had it for 13 years.Love your out look un life and honesty

Giulia said...

One day at a time, eh? this process you're going through. Every day there is something new. I continue to pass your blog onto people on Ex. I'm hoping your reality will shake them up enough to quit.

Passing thoughts as I follow your journey as if it were my own...I think you have to play it all by ear and not assume that what you hear today may be true for tomorrow. Otherwise you may be in for disappointments. That includes both the good AND the bad. Because they both are so changeable. Wow, if ever there was a time in your life where you had to learn to go with the flow - this would be it. I'm not one who was ever good with going with the flow, but you are teaching me the necessity of that. Que sera sera. Yet what will be is influenced by what we do as we progress in this journey we call life. Sharing your journey with us enriches our journey.

Kellie said...


You are so right. That always has been a bad trait of mine. I take things to heart as I hear them ... then of course disappointment follows when things don't turn out as I planned for.

A snap back into reality. I will say instead... I may get the opportunity to be considered for a LVRS. I will find out more after testing and once I speak with the surgical hospital.

How's that? LOL
I wish I could hug you. You always seem to point me in the right direction and nudge me along. Don't think it's not appreciated girly!
<3 Thank you

Giulia said...

Yeah, well, I tend not to have a lot of tact and am such a realist that I sometimes miss the possibility of the fairytale. And fairytales are a necessary part of life. But they've never sustained me for long. I think it's just that I hate being disappointed, so I try to disallow that possibility by being the pragmatist. But there is also hope and faith. And they are sustaining forces that keep our gaze upward instead of downward and inward. Ultimately they are what enable us to go on to tomorrow.

Spunkie said...

Oh Kellie I have not been keeping up with your blog because of getting ready for Christmas and at 63 I am SLOW but still going...
I am so happy to hear about the lung reduction for you I had a friend who had one and did very very well. God bless I want to keep reading to get caught up on your news. Christmas Blesses are on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!