Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Thursday, January 5, 2012

If I am going to be honest, I can have no secrets

This is a blog I NEVER thought I would ever do.  So, squint... or look away... or scroll down if you can't take it.  I know this is huge (notice the pun) for me!

So... Here is the part I can't believe I am doing.... I am posting before pictures of me online for the whole world to see.  This is huge... I don't even like to see myself in the mirror getting dressed every morning.  I rarely think of myself as this big because I honestly look in mirrors from my waist up and because I have gained so much weight... when I look down I can't see over my boobs anyway.

Here we go.......................................drum roll.................................................
I am literally breaking out in a sweat showing those.  That is me.  I hope the next "after" pictures will make me proud.  Break the shame pattern that all overweight people have.  I want to feel better and be healthier for myself.  I'll bring you along the journey.  I have nothing else to hide.

This blog was meant to be honest.  To hide nothing, to show the entire effects of Copd.... so How could I leave out a large (another pun) part of it?  I would be telling a lie, and that's not what this is about.
Copd seems to go one of two ways.  Either you need to gain weight, or you need to lose it.  Both I hear are equally as hard.

So... In December Brittney bought a diet book after seeing it on Dr. Phil and The Doctors.  It's called P.I.N.K. Method and it stands for ....Power.  Intensity.  Nutrition.  "K"ardio.
Pinks theory (very simply put) is that "the proof is in the plants".  That for years scientists and The American Cancer Society Researchers studied nearly 80,000 healthy adults for 10 years. They found that men and women who munched on 19 or more servings of vegetables a week didn't develop belly fat,  while those who ate meat more than 7 times a week did.  And, if you think about it 7 times a week isn't much considering that you eat a minimum of 23 meals per week.
Protein to your body is like a repairman.  It helps maintain muscle and healthy tissue.  It helps the immune system remain strong.  It gives us energy.

There is good protein and bad.  Of course Fish, Foul, Lean Beef and Pork, Non fat Yogurt (especially Greek) and nuts and whole grains are good sources of protein.

So... Here is the skinny (I am full of pun's today!) on this diet is this.

Part one is called The reset.  This you are on depending on your weight only a certain amount of time.  I will be on it 14 days.
"The reset is geared for fast weight loss prior to starting the PINK workouts."  "How fast?"  In this 14 day period I should lose 10 pounds or more.

After this portion of the diet, exercise comes in.  Even for me (who can't exercise right now) there is a plan.  Being a little more active around the house, drinking my water.... 90 ounces a day.  Yes NINETY OUNCES!  This amount will go down as my weight does.

So, now I am getting up in the morning and drinking a cup or two of decaf tea (yes, I gave up caffeine also) then at around 10:00 a.m. I drink a smoothie made from Coconut Milk Fat free/Dairy Free, protein powder and a handful of strawberries and blend it.  It actually is almost too much to drink.  It keeps me full until afternoon.  Afternoon I am supposed to eat 4 ounces of protein and veggies.  At dinner again 4 ounces of protein and veggies.  All day and evening I can snack on all the veggies I want.  Morning is the only time I can have fruit.

I reset my weight loss counter to zero and I will post my loss or gains.  I am hoping this works.  I was not made to be overweight.  I have a small person living inside this body.  And, not just for vanity... It will help my breathing greatly.  It will hopefully allow me to get up and walk more, to exercise in small increments again.  And, I just want to feel better and more in control of myself.

I have been dieting for 2 years now and only lost a total of 26 pounds.  It shows how out of control my eating habits are.  I can make a ton of excuses for myself and some of them are valid.  Like other people, my exercise is so limited.  Yes, I can and should sit in  my chair and do arm lifts with light weights (which I own).  I should not eat late night meals.  I really don't have a chocolate or ice cream or candy habit.  I have a cheese and bread and meat problem.  As outlined in this and every other diet those are weight loss killers.  So, I need to find a way to eat them in small quantities.  I used to drink whole milk and a lot of it, and I gave it up for skim milk.  I used to eat a lot of butter and cook with it.  Now I use Canola oil butter which is half the fat and calories and to cook with I almost exclusively use olive oil.

I just have bad eating habits and for years I got away with it because I was active, or I substituted smoking for food.  Now I am on my own and now I NEED to make permanent changes.  Wish me  luck.


Bonnie said...

I wish you luck, Kellie and thank you for sharing. We all know losing weight after quitting smoking is not easy, but it is a good goal and worth all of our efforts. Thanks for the inspiration and I'm looking forward to seeing your new pics one day. You know, when you lose that weight you'll have to go out and get brand new lingerie!

Kellie said...

Thank you Bonnie. I think lingerie is out, but I will be glad to get this fat off of me. I really feel like a small woman, until I look in the mirror and am reminded that I am packing around a ton of excess weight.
Hugs to you.

Giulia said...

You gutsy broad you. I say buy the lingerie and set it as a goal to get into. A kiss upon your cheek, sweet lady.

Kellie said...

Awe Guilia, Big hugs to you. I have missed you. And, you catch me on the blog where I " come out " so to speak! lol