Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

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The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Friday, November 18, 2011

Geese, Bulldogs and Steroids

Wednesday afternoon Bill and I took Priscilla down to feed the geese and ducks.  I was worried that Priscilla would just run at them and scare them off.... or, they would be too afraid because she was there and not want us to feed them.

Well, they came running at us... dog or not.  At first Priscilla was scared then she just stuck her pug nose up in the air and tried to get some kind of scent.  Evidentally she wasn't worried about them and they her.... however... birds and dog got a little pushy about the bread.  Priscilla wanted to eat it as much as they did, so she kind of pushed the bird/dog boundaries.

She started "talking" to Bill when she saw him throw the bread to the ducks.  lol  The "blue panties" is a diaper because she is in heat.  It has liners and can be washed and dried.  She just walks around like a little kid with a full diaper.  LOL

My girl has quite the pose!

I just love that squishy face and body!!

She was shaking her head.  This is best done outside anyway.  If anyone ever saw that movie Turner and Hooch... she gets those "shoe string" drools sometimes.  

A friend of mine after I posted these on my face book page said about this picture... Nice cleavage!  lol  

She is staring down the Geese.  I am surprised they were all so at ease with each other.
For the last 3 or 4 days I have been telling Bill that I just don't feel very good.  Less good than normal shall I say.  My chest has hurt more than usual, my breathing more labored, and when I do cough (which is not very often since I quit smoking) I have green sputum.  So I called my Pulmonologist's nurse who usually goes to the doctor and he calls in a prescription for steroids and antibiotics without me even coming in.... Unless I ask to see him.  Today I called and the nurse tells me he won't be in today.  My primary care doctor who I adore was leaving this afternoon to begin her maternity leave... so I went to the walk in clinic in the same medical center.  They just rotate doctors so all the patient charts are still there... very convenient and smart if your reg doctor is not available.

So... after ex-rays and an exam she tells me that it seems there is fluid in both lungs, more in the left.  Yep... Prednisone and Zpack antibiotics.  This time only for a week, which I found odd.  Maybe she just wanted to get me through the week and let me call my pulmonologist.  Which... I probably will.

I started the new meds today.  Of course a loading dose of steroids... 3 this afternoon, 1 with dinner, then 2 more tonight... and then 5 tomorrow and one less each day after.
I just never have only been on one week before.  Cross your fingers for me that this will work and I won't need more.  Maybe she is onto something here.

I tried today to just come home and lay around, but I can't.  I played online, took a nap, played online, did dishes, played online, at left overs for dinner.  Now I am blogging and thinking of bed.  I just feel spent.
Of course I doubt with the steroids I will sleep much.  Which means the rest of the week will call for naps.  Some people can take this and not experience too many bad side effects.  I find along with the lack of sleep, this makes dieting really hard.  I have no "full" meter when I am on these.  A few times, but rarely do I have swelling... other than my legs.  I get headaches and my anxiety levels are heightened.  A fun week.  Hopefully I will be feeling better and off of the drugs and effects by Thanksgiving and black Friday.

Here is what google says about Prednisone's side effects......

Trade Names: 
Although available in several branded formulations, prednisone is almost universally referred to by its generic name.  Prednisone is available in numerous orally doses. 
  Prednisone is a commonly used corticosteroid medication that is used primarily because of its potent anti-inflammatory effect by suppression of the immune system.  Corticosteroids get their name because the naturally produced steroid structured hormone in this class c called cortisol is produced in the adrenal cortex.  Another name for this class of medications is glucocorticoids.  
One of the major prednisone side effects, elevation of blood glucose levels, is common to this class of medications.  Typical medical problems treated with prednisone include asthma, severe allergic reactions, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosis, and polymyalgia rheumatica.
Common Prednisone Side Effects with short term use:
Prednisone causes at least some side effects in a many patients.  
Many patients notice fluid retention often in the ankles, but sometimes all over.  Appetite tends to be increased, and weight gain is common even with short term use.  Anxiety, agitation and nervousness are also common prednisone side effects.  Insomnia can be a common result of these psychological prednisone side effects. 
Elevation of blood sugar is common, often leading to a diagnosis of diabetes in patients not previously known to have diabetes.   Suppression of the immune system is a nearly universal prednisone side effect, and is related directly to its mechanism of use.  This is usually not of clinical significance, but it can lead to delayed wound healing in postoperative patients.  Acid dyspepsis, gastritis and peptic ulcers are occasionally seen as prednisone side effects.

Here is what google says about Prednisone'sLoL  She kind of demands her time.  At least with me.  So... I am really looking forward to spending some time with her.  I asked the doctor if I was contagious and she said no.  So... I can breath on whom ever I want. 
I am going to do my best and be tough and drink lots of fluids, eat lots of soup and veggies and try to have a good weigh in this coming week.  I need a good weigh in, and these steroids could not have come at a worse time.  
I had a good friend tell me her messages are not showing up.  I hope this is a Google issue (I will look into once I feel better), please... trust me... I cherish every message I get... good, bad or otherwise.... so I would never delete any of you... except for rude or cruel messages.  So... Savannah Hun... hang in there with me and I will find out why your messages are not showing up for you.  I checked a couple blogs and your messages are showing up for me.  I will still look into it.  If anyone else seems to have comments disappear, please let me know.
I lean on my friends here as much as I do anywhere else, probably more because here I pour my heart and soul out.  I appreciate each one of the "looks" or "hits" I get, and always hope that someone took something away from my blog that might have helped them, or that they could relate too.
Have a good weekend.


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