Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More meds but no word from Stanford yet

It's been a week again.  I am sorry for not keeping up on this better.  It is Spring Break and so we are helping Britt with Layla more.  She exhausts me.  In a good way most days.  She is a only child (more or less... Fernando has a daughter who is hardly ever around) and so she demands attention and doesn't play by herself very well.  So, we read, we color, we watch her cartoons, we play ridiculous singing games.  

I am not sure if I mentioned in my last blog that my blood work came back showing my thyroid levels were normal, but that my iron levels were very low.  
Also, my CT scan for the Thyroid came back good only showing that my right lymph node was enlarged.

So, I went to my Primary Care Dr. yesterday afternoon.  Like every time I have an appointment with her she cracks up at me.  Nothing with me is ever normal.  She cracked up about the "2 week" thing I seem to have going on.  Every doctor, nurse, hospital says I will hear from them in "2 weeks"!    
She increased my iron to twice a day for a month, then I'll have more blood work to see if it is rising.  She found a long acting medication to take the place of Vesicare... I only take it once a day and it is supposed to not have the dry mouth side effect.  I am waiting for my insurance company to approve the new drug.

She examines me and thumps on my forehead, cheeks and feels my throat, looks in my ears, makes me say AWE and tells me I have a severe chronic sinus infection and an infected lymph node on my right side.  Which would explain why my neck hurt.  She still wonders why my throat feels like it is hard to swallow, or my throat is narrowing.  This could have something to do with my infection.
so... I am on anti-biotics (horse pills) for 30 days possibly longer.

Then she asks me about my problem with my Gynecologist?
I told her that I liked him when I had my first visit.  He made me feel comfortable during his exam, and then took probably 30 minutes or more talking to me.... which I greatly appreciated.  Then he scheduled me for the pelvic ultra sound and found the fibroid and enlarged uterus.  But I never heard back from him or his office.  I had to call his office for an explanation and then I didn't hear any news only that he wanted me to go to the Urologist in Medford.  And, even then I had to hear all the results from my Primary Dr..  So, I told her my problem with him is just not hearing back from him and feeling like I have to be a mind reader to find out any information.
And, I told her I feel like he is afraid of me.  I heard from some Dr. (I can't remember who) that he thinks I need to be sent to a much bigger hospital with a good respiratory department to undergo ANY surgery because of my lung damage and the real possibility that I will have problems coming off of a ventilator.

So, she (my Primary Dr.) tells me that she would prefer a surgeon who is cautious and knows that I have a problem being put under for surgery.  That she agrees it would be frustrating not hearing from him or his staff regarding results... follow up appointments or something, but she said she would call him and discuss what is to be done.

I mentioned to her that the more I lose weight and my "middle" shrinks the more the tumor is bothering me and becoming painful.  There is less fat for it to snuggle into and I have this lump that looks like a baby bump!  lol

I have an appointment tomorrow for a Echo cardiogram and then a follow up appointment with my Cardiologist next week.  Also next week I have an appointment with my Pulmonologist to go over the results of my sleep study.  The following week I have an appointment with my Dentist.  Whew.....  Dr.'s Dr.'s Dr.'s!!

Tuesday I made an appointment to get my hair cut.  It needs it so bad.  All this medication is killing it and making it even straighter if that is possible.  Plus it is just dead and dull.  So, I am looking forward to that.  

I will proudly say that I have went from a size 3x or 22 to a size 16 and those fit well, so I might even drop down another size soon.  :)  This makes me very happy.  I needed to be at a lower weight for transplant and I am there.  Of course I am on the high side of alright, so I have room to lose much more.  

Church is continuing to bless me.  My dear friend Kathie gave me a beautiful gift of a Woman's Study Bible, and she put tabs on it for me, so I can actually find what we are studying.  Which reminds me.... my Primary Dr. asked me if I had gotten a hold of a counselor and started counseling?  I said no, but I have started going to church which has helped with my stress and anxiety. 

O.K. ..... I think that catches us up once again.  I will as always keep you updated as I hear anything.

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