Walking into a new and brighter life.

Walking into a new and brighter life.

The healthy me

The healthy me

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This I know.................

This I know.................

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A hospital stay

It's been another week or so since I have written.  Let me see, where should I start?

A few day after my last appointment with my Primary Care Dr. I was playing with Priscilla on the floor... on my hands and knees bouncing back and forth on my hands and she would chase them.  I twisted wrong and felt a RIP and then immediately it started to burn.  It was pretty late in the afternoon so I just took some extra pain meds and went to bed.  When I woke up from a terrible nights sleep the next morning it was still burning like fire and I could not stand up straight, so I called her for an appointment.

I got into see her at 3:30 she saw the pain I was in... gave me 2 shots in each "cheek" and sent me to the hospital for a contrast CT scan.  Shortly after I was admitted.  This was Thursday.  For the next 3 days they gave me Dilotid (sp?) and (Demerol) and both made me terribly sick.  I had a terrible headache and was throwing up everywhere.  Finally Saturday afternoon I asked the nurse to get a hold of my Dr. and see if I could be taken off those pain meds and just put back on my normal pain medication (Vicodin).  Finally I began to feel better, I even ate dinner Saturday night, and came home Sunday evening.

I still have pain, she said a torn muscle will take some time to heal.  Of course with every sneeze or cough or sudden movement I want to crawl out of my skin!!  But, I am home and getting back to normal.

I went for my cardiologist appointment and he told me that I am showing signs of A-Fib.... which means suddenly I begin to sweat, feel dizzy and light headed and my blood pressure drops around 75/53.  All I do is for about 45 minutes to an hour I lay down with my feet above my heart and breath.  Eventually my blood pressure comes back up and I feel fine.  He thinks it is my lungs that is causing this.  He says so far my heart is healthy.  It is just reacting to things going on in my heart.

Then I went to my Pulmonologist appointment later that day and he said my sleep lab hadn't changed from 2 years ago, so all is good there.  His Respiratory Therapist told me she had talked to Stanford and they have sent my file to my insurance company for approval and once they have approval they will call me to come down for a evaluation.  

So, I am practicing patience.  I am not dwelling on being sick or having  pain.  I am doing my best to be kind to me every day.  I am still losing weight, however the stay in the hospital with all the fluid they gave me had me gaining 7 pounds.  5 of which I have already lost and I am back on the protein shakes and one meal of 4 ounces of protein with plenty of veggies.

Once again... with any new news I will let you know.


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I had a terrible headache and was throwing up everywhere.

Hgh reviews said...

Finally I began to feel better, I even ate dinner Saturday night, and came home Sunday evening.

Anonymous said...

Guess you're not updating your blog anymore...I hope you are well and happy...Blessings to you and yours, Savannah